Human population of our Earth is 7.5 billion in 2017. We are running out of food and water. We need to explore our solar system fast and create permanent settlements on other planets and moons.

Population is kept as slaves with energy and constant wars. All this is driven by greed and not the betterment of man. Fossil fuels and fission are used to poison our planet and all because the 2% of the population want total control of this planet.

Nikola Tesla announced in 1932, that he now had the knowledge to draw energy from the universe and he could power machines with this energy. Almost a 100 years later we are still burning coal and out planet is paying for it.

Thomas Townsend Brown claimed he was able to levitate craft with electric potential differences. This research was continued by the US Navy and nothing was heard since.

Either these technologies are real and achievable, or we can lay down and wait for the end to come. If they were invented once, they can be invented again. This time they are not patented or sold to oil companies or armies.

These technologies will upset the current economic balance and major changes will happen in commerce and world economies. We are certain that in any case this information belongs to the public and not some clandestine intelligence organisation.

We need to act together as humans and prepare ourselves with the challenges we will encounter from the billions of other star systems. Nationalism has no place in the cosmos.