Keeping busy!

Howdy pilgrims! I just realized that I haven't been very active on the project-eden site and I do apologize. I am currently writing on 2 blogs that research world politics and energy. The people working on free energy are very active and our time has been spent on research and actual building. Most of my free time is going in research and testing.

I have acquired something like 150 different books on the subject of electricity and magnetism and I have to tell you, that uncovering the secrets is not going to happen in a blink of an eye. Not only do you need to read the books, do your own research and then test all kinds of ideas and builds that people and me come up with.

I think the most rewarding part has been my own research and the enlightenment that it brings. It seems that no amount of school on the subject gives you any real idea on what is actually happening in circuits. I feel that our school system is built to manufacture people that can copy old ideas and replace the broken stuff. Any out of the box question to another engineer will bring on total silence. Nobody has a clue and please stop this research. People feel uneasy and they want things to go normal. Maybe that is the reason we are still slaves?

Since so many have tried and failed to find free energy, I created my own way of research:

1. We have been put onto this planet and we keep looking at the stars. That means there is away to go there and that is not going to happen with Chinese New Year rockets

2. What ever entity put us on this planet has provided for everything we need and that includes energy without destruction of life

3. If there is free energy, it has been found long ago and it is known to people

4. The people who know want to control this commodity and they want to keep charging money for it. Other methods will be used after this very scarce resource called oil is gone.

5. Since free energy is provided by the Universe in abundance, it is very hard to keep secret. The only way to do this is to hide it in plain sight. That means everything you are being told is a lie or constructed to fool you

6. If they say X the answer is most likely Y. That is why nobody really understands electricity and magnetism. What we have is a multitude of equations and people debating about them.

7. Use your intuition and make experiments.

Do you think there is energy inside a battery? Do you think you need a closed circuit to light a bulb? Take care and keep on trekking!

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