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I think the first blog entry should be about this project and why do I think this kind of project is even feasible. United States military started investigating UFOs officially 1948. They were alarmed when these objects seemed interested in nuclear weapons facilities. Things got more interesting when these objects started to disable or activate nuclear missiles. This cat & mouse operation has lasted to the present day and the people involved have been told to keep their mouths shut. News reports in Telegraph and CBS news on Captain Salas, who has come out after years of being silent. Russians are being affected by these things and they a running their own investigations. In January 2017 the CIA released more than a 1000 classified documents, to give some light on the matter. A good archive if you are interested is the SiriusArchive hosted by Dr. Greer. De-classified video from Chilean army just this January.

So the logical conclusion from all previous is, that serious actors in the global scene think this is a real phenomena.

So what? Some loonies see weather balloons and suddenly we are invaded? Well our universe is massive. We are not arguing if other planets or moons in our solar system are teaming with extra terrestrial life. The amount of stars and planets even older than our own is so huge, that human comprehension is no match to it. We just cannot perceive it. Here is an attempt to give you a picture, but does it really make you see it? Our Kepler space observatory has found 10 planets with the same size and temperature than our own Earth. Chance of life is like saying "throw a dice one million times. Can you hit a six?"

My and Dr. Boltzmann's conclusion from previous is that given an "infinite" number of chances we can arrive at infinite number of results. I think it is once again human arrogance to think, that we are at the top of the cosmic food chain.

Now we are getting closer to the reasons why this project was established. If these craft are terrestrial and piloted by military personnel from some country or beings from other planets, we are still faced with a problem. These craft are powered by something that is not commercially available and they fly like no other vehicle in terrestrial arsenal. Radar operators have measured these ships going 120 miles in 8 seconds and making 90 degree turns. Coal plants will not fit inside these ships and for the smallest versions I doubt even fission power could be used safely, They must be using superior technology.

Our closest neighboring star is 4.25 light years away. Either their propulsion is way superior OR their life span makes the use of inferior technology feasible. Would you go to see a neighboring culture, if it is your grand children that will arrive at their home planet? With our current technology it would take 81000 years and 2700 human generations to reach Proxima Centauri and for what? To find some dead moons? After the return trip they would come back to find a desert planet and Donald Trump's hair sitting on a pile of bones and money.

These is the logic and reasoning behind this project. We need to stop cooking and polluting this planet. There seems the exist technology to help us with the problem. Also we are too many for this planet. There seems to exists also technology to help us explore and colonize other heavenly bodies. I think all efforts should be placed on this research and not in electric cars that are charged by coal plants.

These kinda of ideas have been attacked fiercely by energy companies and entities controlling fossil energies. I can totally understand this. This technology would remove their control over the world population and limit their profits. What I cannot understand is why scientists and skeptics are attacking any research in this field? They watch the internet like hawks and they descend on anybody trying to make a difference. They are not using their knowledge to further our cause, but to stomp it before it begins.

This Earth is our legacy to our future children and grand children. Drop the pitch fork and get on-board.

--Mr. Eden

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