Frequently asked questions

How can I help or join the project?

You can help by donating through the Contact-page or just submit related information through the Contact-page. To aid with the research the best way is to join the forum and find your research subject.

How is my donation or information used?

Any donation through or any information submitted through the Contact-page here will be used to aid Project Eden research. We cannot say the same for other sites like Money will be used mostly for equipment and facilities. An invention by this project directly related to creation of Free Energy or anti-gravity will be published Open Source. If our inventors stumble on something during their own research, like let us say more efficient airplane wings, they are free to seek patents for those inventions.

Isn't all this impossible because of *insert something related to thermodynamics here*

This was also our view, until someone came and showed us. There is no harm in experimenting in your own free time. If you want to rant and debunk something, you can always go to YouTube. This project will not publish anything that does not work. Anything we publish you will be able to reproduce yourself.

I am not a scientist. Can I help anyway?

You can always just donate trough the Contact-page. We lack facilities and equipment and you can provide those using our Contact-page. Any related information you have can be sent trough our Contact-page. Information can be anything from Tesla's lost patents to your grandad's mystery device, that creates voltage just from water. Gabriel Kron's negative resistor would help out alot.

Where can I follow your progress?

Any reliable results will be posted on this site. We do not click-bate people with YouTube videos like "Free Energy or hoax? Decide for yourself..."