The S3cret

All this research has been so revealing it just makes me smile. I thought reading old books on electricity would bore me out of my mind. Then you come across gems like "The Evolution of Forces" by Gustave Le Bon and stuff just open up to you. This is a form of research all modern scientists should apply. You discard everything you are being told by the establishment and you go see for yourself. This guy was the man who realized that everything radiates. Before that people thought uranium and radium were the only elements that do this. He pretty much gives away the idea of fr33 energy in his 1908 book. I can give you one secret already. It is hidden in this video

Keeping busy!

Howdy pilgrims! I just realized that I haven't been very active on the project-eden site and I do apologize. I am currently writing on 2 blogs that research world politics and energy. The people working on free energy are very active and our time has been spent on research and actual building. Most of my free time is going in research and testing. I have acquired something like 150 different books on the subject of electricity and magnetism and I have to tell you, that uncovering the secrets is not going to happen in a blink of an eye. Not only do you need to read the books, do your own research and then test all kinds of ideas and builds that people and me come up with. I think the most rew

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